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As everyone knows, Nike attaches great importance to the mining of the stars of the future and culture, as created by Nike Nike Academy, football players, in addition to enjoy the world's top training equipment, it is to get a lot of players envy. Recently, Nike once again brought to them by the all black color to build a new Mercurial, Hypervenom, Tiempo Legend and Magista four football boots. nike-academy-black-pack-1.jpg (125.64 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Academy Black football shoes 2015-4-25 19:54 upload nike-academy-black-pack-2.jpg (101.34 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Academy Black football shoes 2015-4-25 19:54 upload nike-academy-black-pack-3.j cheap jordans for sale pg (97.64 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Academy Black football shoes 2015-4-25 19:54 upload nike-academy-black-pack-4.jpg (97.8 KB, download number: 3) download Nike Academy Black football shoes 2015-4-25 19:54 upload nike-academy-black-pack-5.jpg (96.18 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Academy Black football shoes 2015-4-25 19:54 upload nike-academy-black-pack-6.jpg (89.86 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Academy Black football shoes 20Sales tax period should be strengthened to expand other foreign footwear market. according to the Vietnamese footwear & Leather Association (LEFASO) reported that Vietnam footwear manufacturers should take cheap jordan shoes for men enterprise synchronization? Management measures, in order to save costs, strengthen the promotion of trade promotion, and expand international shoe market, the Vietnamese footwear exports to the EU currently visible? Face because of difficult to maintain the necessary? The measures of product competitiveness in the international market. according to the Vietnam Ministry of trade and industry said, Italy Footwear Industry Association (ANCI, a total of 850 member firms) industry to develop plans to ask the European Commission to Vietnam and Chinese, EU (ATHLETIC) tender leather goods, with the extension of its application? Levy anti-dumping duty period (in October 2008 7, and the Retro jordans for sale expiry date) according to ANCI president said, this will be the case that extend the implementation of more than 5 years, and in accordance with EU regulations, the EU footwear manufacturers should put forward the case with delay requirements before July 7th this year, the European Union since October 2008 7 date will be 12 to 15 month period. So for the case of anti dumping investigation. while the Vietnamese footwear exports to the EU from 2006 subject to EU sanctions of anti-dumping trade measures, but the Vietnamese footwear exports to the EU last year continued to grow, according to the statistical data of the European Commission pointed out that last year, Vietnam exports Retro jordans for sale to the EU $2 billion 170 million footwear, compared with 2006 growth of 10.6%. As for the proposed extension of section B of the ANCI proposal, as of this year, the Vietnamese footwear manufacturers have not yet had any positive response. However, the channel is currently most concerned about whether the European Union has removed the preferential tariff rates for GSP. according to LEFASO, there may be some foreign shoe importers will transfer orders to other countries, so that they can enjoy the preferential import tariff, and if the EU agreed with applicable anti-dumping tax extension period, will have an impact on the Vietnamese footwear workers. Vietnam Ministry of Co cheap jordans online mmerce and industry to develop planning the annual export $4 billion 500 million footwear, than last year growth of 12.7%, of which the EU will? 7% to 8% (the proportion has been compared with the 2007 recession). Vietnamese footwear will probably have to face the EU's cancellation of the GSP treatment, and the duration of the anti-dumping duty period, so that the Vietnamese footwear industry will be in a worse situation. (editor in chief: admin)To commemorate the Adidas basketball history the second major players - Mutombo, overwhelmed by the introduction of the Adidas Crazy 8 Mutombo new sources of inspiration, dates back to the 2001 NBA finals with the Lakers 76 duel, when Ko Cheap air jordans for sale be and Mutombo two star is a leader in their team, after a lapse of several years of Adidas shoes elements of two people together, is not a means to restore the scene at that time? The new shoes in black suede shoes surface color, ankle and tongue embroidered the Mutombo back number "55", and unique fender patterns inspired by the classic Mutombo signature shoes decorative patterns, red and yellow collocation outsole shoes let more vibrant and bright sense. Just as the new edition shows, there is no available information, follow-up reports love friends please pay attention to our newest information. adidas-crazy-8-mutombo-01.jpg (107.52 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Craz Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping y 8 "Mutombo" 2014-8-5 09:02 upload adidas-crazy-8-mutombo-04.jpg (98.38 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Crazy 8 "Mutombo" 2014-8-5 09:02 upload adidas-crazy-8-mutombo-05.jpg (109.61 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Crazy 8 "Mutombo" 2014-8-5 09:02 upload adidas-crazy-8-mutombo-02.jpg (93.09 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Crazy 8 "Mutombo" 2014-8-5 09:02 upload adidas-crazy-8-mutombo-03.jpg (131.91 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Crazy 8 "Mutombo" 2014-8-5 09:02 Adidas Crazy upload Mutombo, 8, Mutombo 00Has been to win the Balance New texture in the new New Balance 999 into the more elements, the use of leather and suede upper mater cheap foamposites ial mix, two kinds of completely different material texture can better highlight the extraordinary temperament, perfect fusion red gray plus New Balance has excellent workmanship will become summer travel choice. 1393644N3312P-14X8.jpg (65.19 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-1 13:51 upload information element 00New Balance 996 Red Suede version will be on sale, 2013-12-08 22:36:18 New Balance for this autumn and winter to create a variety of suede shoes. This New Balance 996 - Red Suede is introduced for you. As the name suggests, this shoe is the use of a large area of Red Suede build collocation red mesh material, extremely eye-catching. It is reported that this shoes wil Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping l be met with you this month, interested friends should not miss it.A series of pictures of Nike LeBron 12 "What The" were reported earlier. From this point of view, the annual "What The" moment is coming! Today, the network brings us the Nike KD 7 "What The" physical map! The vamp also follows the exaggerated style, and many familiar elements are dotted in every corner, which fully embodies the theme of "What The"! It is reported that the shoes will be sold in June 20th! The number of 801778-944, priced at $200, there will be love friends do not miss!NBA competition fierce degree presumably do not have to say, and holding breakthrough tend to become a about match the key moments of o cheap jordans for sale mens ne of the most important factors. In the game, who broke away from the masters will master according to the changing of the guard break time, rational use of technological breakthroughs, and shot, the ball, the fake action used in combination, not only can directly through to the basket score or making a foul on an opponent, and can effectively increase his offensive power and disrupt the opponent's defensive footing, is at the end of the game a big kill device! Here we have to take stock of the NBA active "breakthrough master", the ranking is not divided first order. 1. Dwyne · Wade Dwyne · Wade (January 17, 1982 -), American professional basketball player, division and service scoring guard. Play for the Miami heat. Wade nicknamed "Dwyane", mainly rely on their own fast as lightning start speed and strong explosive force bypassing the defender reached inside, then raging in the basket. But the speed was fast, coupled with the skilled dribbling skills! Often a change to the opponent far behind! Like a cheetah like followers with blood meat breakthrough! As a point guard height is too low, but the arm show is very long, with the strong upper limb so that he can calmly face the vast majority of physical confrontation, the ability to create a first-class foul. (2013 of the Eastern Conference finals G7: Wade once again let the world people see he leads the world "Shadowstep") 2. Lebron · James a LeBron & middot; James (1984 to December 30, -), American professional basketball player, the Secretary small forward, effectiveness in the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. James is one of the most versatile players in the history of the NBA, can be 1 to 4 on the pitch. James's breakthrough in general for the same side step, cross step and turn around three people, but he turned around to less than Carter and others. He was the first to the opponent's defensive center of gravity with a fake action to open, and then accelerate to get rid of. James and general Wei Feng of the rocking the only different is that he is beyond the power of ordinary people and 108.9KG weight, so he can with the body of the advantages and the super aloft ability make his breakthrough get twice the result with half the effort, in the key to the game is more of a threat of. (2013 G1 Eastern Conference Finals: James on their own super breakthrough lore Walker) 3. Kobe · Bryant Kobe · Bryant (August 23, 1978), American professional basketball player, played for the NBA Losangeles Lakers since 1996, the division of the post scoring guard. Kobe · Bryant is a former NBA basketball player Joe · Bryant's son. Kobe NBA is one of the best scorers, he is also good at breakthrough shooting free throws three balls, 〉